Here is another acronym for you: AAPI – any clue what it means?

AAPI stands for Asian American Pacific Islander Month and is celebrated in the U.S. in May. You may have noticed that most months carry some type of significance these days – that is for a good reason. Gen Z’ers tend to lean on the side of the socially conscious, where they are fighting for inclusion for all of their peers, classmates, and coworkers regardless of sexual orientation, nationality, political, or cultural differences. With AAPI communities representing 7.3% (and rising) of the American population, it is important to pause and honor the rich cultural achievements and contributions that these communities share with the nation.

From Shang-Chi to Sakura* Asian and Pacific Islander cultures are taking the center stage on screens around the nation in recent yearsIn fact, we are seeing a trend in diverse characters honoring the AAPI cultures in recent years – ensuring that cultural representation is no longer linear. Social and Cultural Impact and Advocacy is high on the list of Gen Z’ers, and as Lizzo would say, “it’s about damn time.”

So how do we celebrate the AAPI Community?

  1. Explore AAPI History: curious about why this history came to be, or what kinds of contributions the Asian and Pasifika Cultures bring to the U.S.? Read about it!
  2. Watch Something: With a LOT of Asian and Pasifika hits in the past few years, you are not at a disadvantage here. Got younger kids? Try dipping your toe in Anime – anything by Hayao Miyazaki – you won’t be disappointed. Got tweens and older? Check out Kim’s Convenience, Bling Empire, Aquaman, or Shang Chi for some awesome options.
  3. Read Something: Take some time to read something that is written by or honors the AAPI community. Need an Idea? Marvel Voices: Identity #1 is out now in honor of AAPI Month and would be a great read with the family.
  4. Check out AAPI Art: Head to your local Asian Art Center and take some time to appreciate the intricate art of the AAPI community. Don’t have one nearby? Check out the Smithsonian Museum of Asian Art online.
  5. Dig In: Any foodies out there? Hit up your local favorite Asian or Pasifika restaurants to sample some of the awesome cuisines. From poke to sushi, to everything in between – challenge yourself to try something new, and support local businesses in the process.

Are you a member of the AAPI community? We honor you!

*got a tween at home who’s into anime and never heard that word? Ask them, it’s a hit!

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