Day: June 3, 2022

You may not be able to pick him out of a lineup, you may not have heard a single one of his chart-topping songs, you might not know who he’s dating (spoiler alert, it’s Olivia Wilde, saved you a click). But chances are that once you know who he is, you won’t be able to get away from him. Harry “Watermelon Sugar” Styles, British pop icon that rocketed to fame while barely leaving puberty behind, seems to be no stranger to controversy.
The term “Shipping” has a long and colorful history, almost as old as the internet itself. It refers to the tradition of “relationshipping”, or rooting for two people to date or become otherwise romantically involved. Young people spend a surprising amount of time and energy on their ships – they create art, playlists, fanfiction (which is just what it sounds like, fan-written fiction surrounding shows, movies and games). They get into arguments. They huddle together and go to digital war with one another. It got even weirder when shipping departed the fictional world entirely and embedded itself in reality.
Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the disgruntled climate change activist that disguised himself as an elderly disabled woman to smear cake on the Mona Lisa. Read that sentence again, it won’t get any less weird. Predictably, TikTok had some relevant content (and a subsequent field day) when news broke about the attempted vandalism. The artist might have laughed at the absurdity of the situation – the man dressed quite conspicuously as a woman was dragged from the scene screaming (to paraphrase): “There are people who are destroying the earth! Think about it!”
Remember NFTs? They’re evolving. Before we dive in, it’s important to provide a little more context. Here’s something your kids might not even know – right now, as cryptocurrency becomes more and more ubiquitous and blockchain is no longer a mystery, an exciting idea is brewing that hopes to change the internet as we know it. While it’s easy to poke fun at the world of NFTs for being full of silly pictures with no inherent value, that would be losing sight of the powerful underlying technology that’s emerging before our very eyes.
#SummerGlowUp is in full swing, and tweens and teens everywhere are preparing themselves with fake tans and papaya body spray. Some things to be aware of: The #SummerGlowUp Challenge is a checklist floating around that has a generally positive message. The timeframe for the Glow Up period averages to about a month, but searches for “How can I glow up in a week?” can also be found. This could open the door to conversations with your kids about realistic expectations and the power of forming good habits vs instant gratification and corner-cutting. While it isn’t inherently negative to focus on oneself, it’s important for young people (boys and girls alike) to have a sense of balance and not get lost in the mindless pursuit of looking good.
In the words of the estimable Chief Keef, “Bitch, you gotta glo up one day.”
As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, it’s perhaps inevitable that many parents are reeling from the incessant coverage of events out of a small Texas town. This is a difficult subject for the most developed minds to come to some sort of agreement on. Imagine how difficult it must be for children trying to form their own opinions, especially with a screen in their pocket that constantly screams that they’re in physical danger. When everyone is frightened, no one makes much sense. This ever-present fear is nothing new, either.