Glow Up

In the words of the estimable Chief Keef, “Bitch, you gotta glo up one day.”

The well-known rapper could not have known how viral the phrase would go when he recorded it – after all, he was only 17 at the time.

What did Mr. Keef mean by this? If it isn’t obvious, don’t be alarmed. You are just one of the millions of parents unaware of the Glow Up phenomenon that has its origins in a feelgood trap/rap song released in 2013. Equal parts unintelligible and catchy, Gotta Glo Up One Day is often cited in the increasingly popular trend.

Put simply, “Glowing Up” is a positive transformation, either physical or mental – think of it as the emergence of a swan after the ugly duckling phase, or Sandy finally gaining the confidence to don that leather jacket in Grease. The term has widened in usage and versatility since it emerged, now taking on many forms in both wide and niche communities online.

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