Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the disgruntled climate change activist that disguised himself as an elderly disabled woman to smear cake on the Mona Lisa. Read that sentence again, it won’t get any less weird.

Predictably, TikTok had some relevant content (and a subsequent field day) when news broke about the attempted vandalism. A pair of Canadian pro wrestling twins went viral in 2020 for mispronouncing Da Vinci, and went on to capture the hearts and minds of millions when they posed in front of the enigmatic Mona Lisa just this week. Despite having nothing to offer but toothy smiles and pointing fingers, the Da Vinki twins soared in popularity and sparked comments like, “The world is healing” and “the biggest moment in history”.

Maybe that’s pushing it a bit.

Da Vinki himself was a notorious polymath, a man of many talents, and had quite the sense of humor. The artist might have laughed at the absurdity of the situation – the man dressed quite conspicuously as a woman was dragged from the scene screaming (to paraphrase): “There are people who are destroying the earth! Think about it!”

All of TikTok is thinking about it, it would seem.

The attempt at making a statement about climate change, it would seem, will only result in the sale of a few more T-Shirts. That, and the eyebrow-raising conspiracy theory that somehow, the Da Vinki twins are behind the whole thing.

Social media trends are getting weirder, there’s no doubt about it. But if you hear your kids yelling about Da Vinki, at least you’ll know why.

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