Day: July 15, 2022

Ding Dong DoorDash Ditch If you’re like us, you probably missed the five-finger discount DoorDash delivered to its users last Thursday. The popular food-service suffered a glitch in its system (or one in the matrix?), allowing Z-llennial foodies to haul thousands of dollars worth of premium alcohol and Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches, delivered right to their doorstep for Free.99.
The Weirdness …the official Twitter for the electronics supply company of yesteryear has been tweeting some awfully strange content for the past several months, in fact. The once-dominant chain of stores is not the powerhouse it was; the company filed for bankruptcy and was taken over by a couple of investors who apparently have a thing about penis humor. The perception from many online is that at least one of the new owners of the Radio Shack name and intellectual property is a serial scam artist deeply enmeshed in the crypto space. This would account for the shameless shilling happening on their official account, the hawking of merch for a business that barely exists, and the sweaty desperation as the tweets for attention roll out like Jack Torrance got ahold of a phone and some adderall.
A Series of Unfortunate Events Daddy Elon is up to his usual wacky antics, this time going toe-to-toe with tech giant Twitter; and as usual, the story is more interesting than it seems on the surface. The breakdown goes like this: Elon Musk, South African diamond mine heir with a bewildering self-made millionaire backstory has somehow gone from king of memes to social pariah and back. Somewhere along this wildly swinging social pendulum, he’s asserted his intention to get mankind to mars, launched thousands of satellites to bring internet to the underserved, announced his intention to buy Twitter to allegedly crush censorship, dug a couple of giant tunnels in Nevada, and openly mocked his opposition on Twitter. All while fathering 9 children with multiple women, staying cool with Joe Rogan by smoking that sweet sweet kush on air, and keeping his cool when his stock prices inevitably tanked.


The phrase “don’t rain on my parade” will never go out of style, but we’ve got something else for your vocab list this week. FUD, or “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” is the updated lingo used to call out modern party poopers. Commonly used within tech and financial spheres, FUD is any tactic one uses to change positive perception to… well – fear, uncertainty, and doubt!