The phrase “don’t rain on my parade” will never go out of style, but we’ve got something else for your vocab list this week. FUD, or “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” is the updated lingo used to call out modern party poopers. Commonly used within tech and financial spheres, FUD is any tactic one uses to change positive perception to… well – fear, uncertainty, and doubt!

Think of it as throwing shade, subtle disrespect and mockery, at new products and companies before they even get a chance to mess up on their own.

Let’s see FUD in action:

  1. Many are holding their cryptocurrencies despite the FUD of those outside of the community.
  2. Thank goodness the FUD from our competitors didn’t impact our small business!

Say you find yourself talking finance with a negative fuddy duddy, hit them with a “What the FUD” and move on. Pessimism is so 1992.

Got any FUD stories? Don’t be shy, let us know in the comments @thegenbridge

the preemptive defense // twitter x W. Isles
the preemptive defense // twitter x W. Isles

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