Radio Shack, found alive, tries to become relevant again

The Bridge

Radio Shack is having some kind of midlife crisis, and as the kids would say…it’s a bit of a dumpster fire.

In a sentence almost too weird to be fully comprehended, Radio Shack has created an OnlyFans account.

The Weirdness

…the official Twitter for the electronics supply company of yesteryear has been tweeting some awfully strange content for the past several months, in fact. The once-dominant chain of stores is not the powerhouse it was; the company filed for bankruptcy and was taken over by a couple of investors who apparently have a thing about penis humor.

The perception from many online is that at least one of the new owners of the Radio Shack name and intellectual property is a serial scam artist deeply enmeshed in the crypto space. This would account for the shameless shilling happening on their official account, the hawking of merch for a business that barely exists, and the sweaty desperation as the tweets for attention roll out like Jack Torrance got ahold of a phone and some adderall.

Back to Obsolescence?

Time will tell if this strategy works. For now, we watch – and so do the younger generation of people online, who are the ultimate deciders of who stays and who goes in this world. Whether the crass marketing campaign is a flash in the pan or an enduring sign of the times, well…

It’s up to your kids to decide.


nay // pexels x W. Isles
nay // pexels x W. Isles

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