Viral Virality: Implications In Our Current Galaxy

The Bridge: Just in time for summer, COVID-19 is back, and they brought friends! The Viruses are coming back from a decades long hiatus. We hope The Vaccines join the world tour!

Our only question… are viruses the new influencers?

The Weirdness

Just as we got comfortable getting close to each other, Monkeypox decided to go viral! The pustule producing plague is making its rounds, raising concerns of a new (or is it old?) pandemic running point with the ever emerging COVID-19 variants.

We’re suffering a serious case of pandemic fatigue, and this applies to our government, the CDC, and healthcare providers as well. However, the response to monkeypox has been…well it actually hasn’t been anything. No wide-spread government action, no mainstream coverage. Understandably upset and frustrated, Gen-Z and Millennials (the most affected) have taken to social media to raise awareness. Monkeypox is trending, y’all.

So…What Now?

These days, disease and information spread at the same rate, yet COVID-19 has exhausted older institutions (FDA, CDC, etc.), causing Z-llennials to wonder how they’ll respond to more forgotten viruses popping up from our past. The impact of widespread sickness on younger generation’s mental health is also of concern. We’re entering another year of a pandemic living, that’s a significant percentage of your kid’s life.

While Gen-Z is experiencing rapid advances in treatment and prevention, does it even matter if the old guard is unable to provide access?

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