It’s Giving

The Bridge: Arguably the most opinionated generation to date, Gen-Z syntax is all bite, no bark.

Better to Give Than to Receive?

Remember how extreme language was a few decades ago? We casually threw around words like “sucks”, “awesome”, “love”, and “hate” to critique any and everything (hey Google, look up: hyperbole). Now, Gen-Z’s response to the linguistics of their predecessors is…rather demure.

“Giving”, a verbal thumbs up, is a trending term that your kids are using to show their approval –  without appearing too excited…obviously. Like most things, the genius lies in the simplicity of the word, keeping with Gen-Z’s appreciation of transparency and clear communication.

Confused? Don’t worry, let’s see how it’s used:

  •  “Your fit is giving” = I really like your outfit.
  • It’s giving.” = I’m truly enjoying this/that.
  • What does it give?” = What’s it like? / Will I enjoy this?

Think of it like lingo Sriracha, it goes great with everything.

What Gives? 

As critics, Gen-Z aren’t into excessive tear downs, or problematic language, but this doesn’t mean they hold back their opinion. In fact, there’s almost a Southern hospitality-esque language matrix they inhabit. Where a Southerner might say “Bless your heart”, politely indicating a social faux pas, Gen-Z is quick to let you know “It’s not giving”.

This polite turn of phrase is almost exclusively used to correct cringey behavior, or dissuade friends from wasting their time. We’re not gonna leave you hanging, check out how it’s used below:

  • That movie wasn’t giving.” = That was a terrible movie and a waste of time.
  • I don’t want to go there, it never gives.” = I’m not coming, it’s never fun.
  • It’s not giving.” = This is the worst thing I have ever experienced.

It may sound polite, but the implications are serious.Think our posts are giving? Let us know in the comments @thegenbridge

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