Skittles, Taste The…Titanium Dioxide?

The Bridge: From politics to produce, Gen-Z is all about transparency and autonomy. This generational trend is impacting culture, specifically our desire for corporate responsibility and healthier foods.

Bye-Bye Rainbow

Skittles is the most recent brand to come under fire for dishonest practices, specifically the use of a pretty nasty chemical: titanium dioxide. This compound has been found to increase the risk of intestinal inflammation, cancer, and immune system damage – definitely something you want to keep away from your kids. Just to show you how serious this is, France decided to ban the chemical entirely in 2019. Who would’ve thought candy could be canceled (boycotted for bad behavior)?

A Healthy Influence 

Don’t let their influencer obsession fool you, Gen-Z should get major credit for the way society is progressing. The Skittles case is a prime example of our shift to demanding corporate transparency and accountability, two things Gen-Zers pride themselves on. It doesn’t stop there, as Z-llennials and younger are the first people to grow up with the internet, making them the first truly global minded generation. Their access to culture and information is radically shifting our consumer tastes for the better. Hey, gotta give credit where credit is due.

Food Fight

Before you get worked up at the evolution of the candy aisle, it should be said that skittles aren’t going anywhere. In fact, the new and titanium dioxide-less versions already exist… in Europe. There’s actually tons of healthier versions of our favorite products available throughout the world – heck, European bread has even been found to be better for those of us with gluten intolerances…like a large bulk of our kids. With Z-llennials being the driving force behind the demand for more gluten-free products, we’re likely to see similar food reforms (not removals) hitting the shelves sooner-than-later. Hopefully, we’ll see the real time health-benefits to match.

Skittles have been around since 1974, what’s a snack you DON’T want Gen-Z to change? Let us know in the comments @thegenbridge

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