The Bridge: Gen-Z’s inclusive approach to language makes communication more fun and less formal than previous generations.

That’s My Best Friend

Is friendship forever, or for everyone? Gen-Z (or “Friend-Z” as we like to call them) are getting pretty familiar with everyone they talk to. This week’s lingo is Bestie, short for “Best Friend”, and something you’ve probably heard your grandkids call everyone- from cute cats, to police officers, to fictional characters on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Even inanimate objects can be besties.

Before you get too excited, Z-llennials aren’t using the word to make fast friends… *crickets*

It’s a bit confusing, like most things these days, but we’ve learned to just go with it.

Put it like this – what do aliens say when they touch down: “I come in peace” – it’s the same concept. Fitting, because Z-llennials act a bit extraterrestrial themselves!

“Bestie” is especially useful in text messaging and social media comments, where different opinions can be taken as shady or disrespectful – a fate worse than death!

Don’t worry, Bestie – we’ll show you how to be like the cool kids with the examples below:

  • “Hi Bestie(s)” – Hello stranger or hello associate. This casual greeting is how the word is usually used. Informal (and possibly too familiar) totally, so maybe stick to using it with the Gen-Zs in your life.
  • “I’m sorry/My bad Bestie” – No offense meant. Use this to apologize for a small offense. #Accountability.
  • “That’s one of my Besties” – I know that person (as well). You’re probably not going to use this one, to be honest, but it never hurts to have it in your catalog.
  • “Whatever you say/Ok/Sure Bestie” – Let’s agree to disagree. Polite way to change subjects or show you’re not interested without being dismissive.
  • “Bestie?” – What’s going on? Use this whenever you’re shocked by someone’s behavior. Like being unplugged from the aux.


Well, what do you think besties? Ready to try out this week’s lingo? There’s no better place than in our comment section @thegenbridge

bestieS // pexels x L. Aguayo

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