Day: August 25, 2022


Not much gets past those of us with some years under our belts, and we’ve got a ton of sayings that’ll show it. We’ve all used “shut the front door”, “get outta town”, or even “you’re pulling the wool over my eyes”, when hearing and experiencing the unbelievable, but Gen-Z has one word to encompass them all. This week’s lingo introduces “Cap”, a nice way of calling something a lie, to your 2022 vocabulary.
You can’t believe everything you see online, and that goes double as we navigate the space in the future. Virtual Influencers are no longer a strange possibility – now they’re getting endorsement deals.
De-extinction scientists and wildlife conservationists are working to bring back the Tasmanian tiger, an extinct species. If that isn’t weird enough for you, they’re doing it with DNA collected from museum samples, and a gene-editing technology straight from the future – or is it back from the future? Regardless, this has major implications for our favorite generation (Gen-Z, obviously) and the way gene-therapy will play a role in their lives.
In a world where the algorithm is king, are young or otherwise vulnerable audiences finding themselves funneled toward hateful content? More and more users are seeing misogynistic, racist, or otherwise disturbing rhetoric in their feeds – which has even led to some disaffected youth becoming radicalized. Social Media Giants seem to be cracking the whip while ignoring the deeper problem. So what can a parent do to raise awareness and social responsibility in the face of such overwhelming forces?