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The Bridge: Gen Z’s getting ready for school, and ready for love – seasonal love, that is.


Love is the Drug

Fall semester is right around the corner, and the love bug is in the air. That’s right, Gen Z’s the world over may find themselves cozying up to someone to keep warm through the winter months. As timely as a pumpkin spice latté, “Cuffing Season” is this week’s lovely new lingo.

Cuffing Season, AKA the fall-winter months, is equal parts cliche and cultural phenomenon. Rooted in “cuffing”, the act of getting into a relationship – or Boo’d Up – this season is known for its ability to create relationships that last…

Until summer break, that is.

Cuffing Season notoriously breeds situationships, the sticky undefined relationships that millennials are typically known for. Fortunately, most cuffing season participants know full well what they’re getting into.


Use our curated crash course in cuffing language to communicate with your lovestruck teen this fall.

  • “Cuffing” – The honeymoon stage of a relationship, usually temporary.
  • “Cuffed up” – Being in a serious relationship.
  • “It’s cuffing season!” – It’s fall, time to look for a new boo until spring.
  • “Are you boo’d up?” – Are you in a relationship?
  • “Who are you cuffing?” – Who have you been cozying up to? Usually said when someone has been absent from a friend group for a while.


Tell us about your favorite cuffing season memories in the comments @thegenbridge!

situationships // freepik x L. Aguayo

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