We’ve Graduated From Tide Pod Challenges to NyQuil Chicken 🎓

The Bridge: Here we go again – it seems that the latest internet fad is putting more weird stuff in your mouth. This time it’s NyQuil chicken, leading the FDA to get involved. It isn’t the first time some rather dubious foodstuffs have been trending online, and it almost certainly isn’t the last – so why are the youth so interested in these wacky challenges?


Don’t Eat That 🤮

A new(ish) trend involving boiling chicken in poison and eating the result is making its rounds on – where else – TikTok.

The original troll post of slimy green NyQuil chicken likely came from 4Chan a few years ago, but as with most bad ideas, this one is having a resurgence. After the platform hosted a few videos of people duplicating the recipe, TikTok took action to remove the videos and put up a warning.

That warning gained traction when the FDA stepped in, posting a formal announcement on their website that backfired spectacularly. Instances of #NyQuilChicken searches skyrocketed, leading to a further scramble to remove copycats.

So far there haven’t been any reports of hospitalizations or deaths – and while it might sound silly or absurd, that’s not the case with previous extreme eating challenges.


Not So Common Sense

The internet very obviously latches on to some strange content. DIY condiments like Pink Sauce, head-scratching stunts like the Cinnamon Challenge, even goofy trends like Planking – what seems like a bad idea can be spurred on by curious audiences, and the stakes get raised as people fight for their time in the viral sun.

The vast majority of the time, these stunts are merely stupid. But every once in a while, they can turn deadly – and the stakes are certainly heightened by playing with chemicals. Kids shouldn’t have to be reminded not to chew on Tide Pods, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Nothing trending online really surprises us anymore – but Sleepy Chicken came close. Viral doesn’t equal safe – a conversation worth having with your kids!

chopped masters // freepik x L. Aguayo

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