Why The Next Movie Star Could Be You

The Bridge: Coming soon to a movie screen/television/desk near you – it’s YOUR KIDS! These days, you don’t have to be famous to be an action figure, or to star in a movie. The technology is finally here to make anyone a superstar – so what’s going to happen next?

Move Over, Barbie 

The days of cookie-cutter toys are long gone – now your kids (and you, for that matter) can have your very own action figure of yourself. With a couple of selfies and a 4-6 week waiting period, you can be your very own superhero, ghostbuster, Star Wars character, or GI Joe.

What a time to be alive! 🎉

It was also announced this week by a studio of creatives that through using a new AI generation system, users can insert pictures of themselves into the algorithm to literally bring themselves into any style of art, or become any character that’s ever existed. So those who don’t want to shell out $80 to star in their favorite film now have the power to do it for free. 😱

Folks are already making videos and short films starring very famous people without ever having made contact with them. Through images and audio taken from the internet, artists can convincingly create content that passes for legit.

Quiet on Set 📢

Along with the progression of AI, some weird stories have surfaced. A studio claimed that they owned the rights to Bruce Willis’s “digital twin” (a claim he and his team have roundly denied), following his diagnosis of aphasia (the inability to communicate).

James Earl Jones, universally beloved actor, has given up the rights to his iconic booming voice. Darth Vader will from now on be voiced by AI.

With more advancements in the way film studios are running their productions, green screens and static sets are becoming a thing of the past. Actors can look forward to a more immersive and engaging experience while filming. Look forward to the future of XR (Extended Reality), not just in movies, but in life. Tech and real life are blurring – and by the time your kids are your age, the world may look very different indeed. 🤖

superstar // freepik x K. Carabio

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