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The Bridge: Do you know what it’s like to be triggered? We’ve all experienced that hot pang of embarrassment, fear, or sadness hit us like a ton of bricks after hearing or seeing something triggering. What if we told you that Gen Z is looking to help people avoid those pesky human emotions by calling for Trigger Warnings, disclaimers before potentially traumatizing content to keep those heartstrings (and minds) nice and safe.

We’re of the mind that it couldn’t hurt…anyway, this week’s lingo takes you up, around, and all the way through this “triggering” phenomenon. One click will take you off to learn all about it!

So Sensitive… 🙄

We typically cover less popular terms relating to Gen Z culture, but this week we have one that you’ll probably know all too well. Don’t go getting all offended now…

This week’s lingo is “Triggered”, an abridged version of “emotionally triggered”, describing the sensory upheaval one experiences after encountering something triggering.

Which, quite honestly, could be anything.

Take “The Luckiest Girl Alive” for example, a polarizing new Netflix movie that has social media social workers in shambles. The R rated film featured graphic displays of gun violence, sexual violence, and a whole lot of cruel and unusual language, but viewers felt the film should have added a “Trigger Warning” – a notice at the beginning of the movie to warn people that may be especially disturbed by the film.

Those in favor, typically Millennials and Z-llennials, argue that these warnings give people the agency to decide if they want to interact with the content or not – and it’s not limited to movies.

Music, photographs, words, and even certain social media posts have begun to come with trigger warnings.

And yeah, some argue that the entirety of Gen Z are a little too sensitive with these demands (*cough cough* *snowflakes*), but we’re of the mind it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Before you jump the gun, check out the table below to learn all about the trigger word.

“Trigger” – A stimuli (words, places, sounds, etc.) that causes a PTSD reaction.
“Triggered” – A state of shock, fear, and retraumatization after witnessing a trigger.
“To be honest, the movie triggered me” – I may have acted desensitized to the events in the movie, but they actually reminded me of traumatizing events in my own life.
“Let’s not invite them, they get triggered by everything” – We’re not going to invite them because they ruin all the fun. Usually said about people who don’t find edgy humor and activities interesting.
“OMG did you hear what he said? He should come with a Trigger Warning!” – Everything about his speech is inflammatory. Typically said about people who are irreverent and entertaining.

At least “Triggered” hasn’t become a trigger word…yet. Make sure to follow our TikTok: @thegenbridge!

trigger warning // freepik x J. Santana

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