New Chinese Robodogs Signal Future Of Security?

The Bridge: Rarely do we stop and actually say “what the”, but during this week’s meeting the staff had an extended conversation with many iterations of WTF being expressed. And how could we not when weaponized robotic dogs are being deployed ever so casually, via drone, in China.

It’s a WTF moment if there ever was one. What’s even crazier is that Netflix has a show that predicted this mechanical monster’s creation (with surprising accuracy) all the way back in 2017…if you want us to get really weird, we can do a deep dive on how that show has a habit of predicting more than a few dystopian events. The full article takes you to more about these four legged robo-fiends, just read on!

Uncanny Canine

If Chinese technology does nothing else, it’s going to go viral on social media. This week is no different, as video recordings of a machine-gun wielding robotic dog began rapidly circulating Twitter and TikTok media feeds.

Please note that we’re using the term “dog” very loosely. In fact, the only thing this robotic killing machine has in common is that it runs (incredibly fast) on 4 legs, similar to our furry friends. It actually looks quite like this:


A better comparison would be to the Spot robot “dog”, who’s creators ironically stated they would never weaponize it just this week…

Now, if you ask us, that’s too weird to be a coincidence.

A 🤖 Premonition

There is another side to this story that we’d be wrong not to include.
We’ve seen this before…

Black Mirror, a popular Netflix series known for depicting future dystopian events, predicted the dawn of a weaponized Robodog with surprising accuracy – all the way back in 2017! In their episode “Metalhead”, a woman spends almost 45 minutes running from these things.

That’s it, that’s the whole episode 😂

We’re not saying it’s time to take your doomsday prepping more seriously, but if there ever is a time when robotic, missile-carrying, sentient dogs terrorize humanity…you can’t say we didn’t warn you!

bad dog // freepik x J. Santana

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