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The Bridge: Zoomers are constantly bombarded with things they generally have no interest in, so how do they respond (without being rude of course!)? The answer lies somewhere between acknowledgement and rejection, or rather directly in the middle. “Mid” is one of the most Gen Z buzzwords, frequently used across the internet, and in real life, to convey a casual disinterest. And we get it, in an era where most people are online, how else can teens quickly let the social media sphere know what they like, and what they…don’t necessarily dislike…it’s complicated. Check out this week’s lingo for a deeper dive!

… 💭

Have you ever tried to explain a lackluster experience but couldn’t quite convey how “meh” it was? OR, have you ever seen people fawning over someone’s looks – online or in a magazine – and simply been unimpressed? Gen Z has the perfect word for you!

This week’s lingo is “Mid”, a word used to describe lackluster people, places, and things.

Less Than Zero 🤷‍♂️

Zoomers aren’t easily impressed, and have no problem letting you know it. In fact, “mid” is one of the most used words by teens on social media. An abbreviation of “middle”, the slang conveys a neutral emotion/opinion towards a subject.

For example, instead of describing an ‘extra’ movie your friend took you to as terrible (which could potentially make them feel bad), one would simply say “that movie was pretty mid”.

Describing someone’s looks as mid is a trendy way to avoid saying they’re ugly, but obviously less polite. To each their own.

Check out our lingo chart below for more “mid” examples:

Mid” – A descriptor for something uninteresting, uninspiring, or lackluster.
Meh” – The predecessor to mid, conveys a casual disinterest.
” – Punctuation commonly used in social media comments to illustrate a charged silence.
“🤷‍♂️” – The shrug emoji, perfect for communicating disinterest and even confusion.
Dub / That’s a dub” – Interchangeable with “mid”, though significantly less polite. Also used to turn down invitations.

What are some “mid” things you’ve noticed floating around the internet lately? Let us know in our comments! Make sure to follow our TikTok: @thegenbridge

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