McDonalds McCrispy Gaming Chair Signals New Marketing Strategy

The Bridge: McDonalds is expanding beyond toys in happy meals, and has created what will most likely go down as the worst chair in history. The “McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair” is the newest release from the golden arches, and comes with a host of food-holding accessories. Why? So gamers can eat more McDonalds while playing their games, of course! Read onto “What the” to learn all about it.

Greasy Seats 🪑

Who would’ve ever thought that furniture design, fast food, and gaming industries would merge to create one of the weirdest chairs in human history? Definitely not us!

McDonalds has released a black and yellow, heavily branded gaming seat called the “McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair”. We have no idea why. The stain-proof leather chair includes a fry holster, cup holder, napkin dispenser, and two spaces for sauces…

Worst of all, it includes heating seating – “to keep your McCrispy warm while gaming”. McDonalds actually said in their press release.

Again, why would one need this?

Rear Estate 

It’s understandable why a major company would want to cash in on gaming culture, which has expanded exponentially during this pandemic. We can even understand why selling gaming chairs would make the most sense, as they allow gamers to stay comfortable and play for longer hours…What we don’t understand is the correlation between gaming and fast food?

Energy drinks – absolutely!
Candy – absolutely!
🍟🍔– ??????

To their credit, sweating after long hours of play is definitely a thing, and we could see gamers going for a piece of furniture that won’t be ruined so easily. We can also see the appeal of a seat warmer for gaming during colder months—

We just can’t stretch our imagination to include teenage gamers greasing up their controllers and keyboards with McChickens and Big Macs…while playing Call of Duty. 🎮 ❌🍟.

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