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Zoomers are constantly bombarded with things they generally have no interest in, so how do they respond (without being rude of course!)? The answer lies somewhere between acknowledgement and rejection, or rather directly in the middle. “Mid” is one of the most Gen Z buzzwords, frequently used across the internet, and in real life, to convey a casual disinterest. And we get it, in an era where most people are online, how else can teens quickly let the social media sphere know what they like, and what they…don’t necessarily dislike…it’s complicated. Check out this week's lingo for a deeper dive! 
In a world where Gen Z’s attention is constantly being fought for, many go above and beyond to stand out, and Zoomers notice. In fact, they don’t quite appreciate the over-effort. Whether it be hyper-sexual music videos, politicians trying too hard to relate to them, or (and this is subjective) a really terrible outfit on instagram, teens across the country are using one word to describe when enough is really TOO much: “Extra”.
Is there a Zoomer in your life that you’re truly impressed by? Wondering how to show your appreciation for their kindness, good grades, or impeccable style? You may want to try gassing them up. Gassing is the Gen Z way of letting someone know they’ve really impressed you, and the best part about it – it’s free! Learn how to ⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️ the Z-llennial way with this week's lingo lesson, right after the jump!  
The Bridge: While Zoomer romances and friendships are often presented as mature and based on mutual respect and accountability, there can be a…darker aspect to them. Ghosting, a term we’re confident you’ve heard of, has become a popular method of communication, without actually communicating. From reality television to TikTok, you can’t escape stories of confused (and oftentimes angry) Gen Zers recounting the disorienting experience of being ghosted. Can you blame them? One day you’re sending memes and voice notes back and forth, and the next…silence. Read on to learn all about this spooky phenomenon, just in time for Halloween!
Do you know what it’s like to be triggered? We’ve all experienced that hot pang of embarrassment, fear, or sadness hit us like a ton of bricks after hearing or seeing something triggering. What if we told you that Gen Z is looking to help people avoid those pesky human emotions by calling for Trigger Warnings, disclaimers before potentially traumatizing content to keep those heartstrings (and minds) nice and safe.
We’re all familiar with cancel culture, the Gen Z initiative that holds people accountable for bad behavior (for the most part), but what about the mechanics of it? How does it work? One word: “Deplatforming” 🚫
We think you’re ready for more nuanced Gen Z syntax, like the feeling you get when someone does something only you have an issue with. The 🤢 feeling that lies somewhere between cringe and pet-peeve. This week’s lingo is all about “The Ick (🤮)”
Back in the days before iMessage and screenshots, we had the luxury of getting away with a bit more than kids today. After all, a white lie here…a small fib there – who’s gonna know? Well Gen Z, arguably the most accountable generation, isn’t going for that. You best believe that your words (or texts) and actions need to line up. This week’s lingo is all about “Receipts (🧾)”
Gen Z is navigating the murky waters between highlighting life’s good parts, and showing off. Grab your wallet, this week’s extravagant lingo is nothing less than “Flexing (💪)”
What’s it called when you eat 400 chicken nuggets, 3 milkshakes, and two birthday cakes in one sitting? Luckily we’re here to tell you. Click over to this week’s side-splitting lingo: “Mukbang”