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McDonalds is expanding beyond toys in happy meals, and has created what will most likely go down as the worst chair in history. The “McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair” is the newest release from the golden arches, and comes with a host of food-holding accessories. Why? So gamers can eat more McDonalds while playing their games, of course! Read onto “What the” to learn all about it. 
Did you know most people spend around seven hours a day on their devices? Whether it’s a phone, a computer, or a TV, “screen” technology has become a major part of our day-to-day lives. Now what if we told you that this would lead to your great-great-grandchildren having hunchbacks, clawed hands, and a second eyelid…for the screen-brightness, of course. A depiction of this “future human” has gone viral on social media, and while it is rather unsettling (it’s horrifying), it’s raising awareness to the very real damage we do to our bodies while enjoying our modern lives. 
The future of relationships is looking mighty strange, folks. About a decade ago, it was a little funny to hear that a couple had met online and were going strong. “How are you supposed to make genuine connections through the internet?” was a common enough question. Then online dating and matchmaking became deliberate, and apps like Tinder and Plenty Of Fish took off. According to statistics, almost 40% of couples today met digitally. So what will the future hold? There’s a new trend emerging in the world of URL-to-IRL romance – one where the partner isn’t a real person at all. Does this signal the rise of one-sided relationships? Or will the trend collapse and be nothing more than an internet historical footnote? One thing is clear: the traditional guidelines for dating are becoming more blurred than ever.
The internet can be a scary place, with danger lurking around every corner. Stranger danger, illegal substances, and the occasional grim viral video are typical internet fare, but there’s a new hot commodity that’s targeting noteworthy individuals on social media. Like something straight out of a Body Snatchers reboot, identity theft is trending this Halloween. Verified Twitter accounts have become the recent target of internet scammers looking to finesse their way into your crypto wallets. Keep scrolling to learn all about it!
Rarely do we stop and actually say “what the”, but during this week’s meeting the staff had an extended conversation with many iterations of WTF being expressed. And how could we not when weaponized robotic dogs are being deployed ever so casually, via drone, in China. It’s a WTF moment if there ever was one. What’s even crazier is that Netflix has a show that predicted this mechanical monster’s creation (with surprising accuracy) all the way back in 2017…if you want us to get really weird, we can do a deep dive on how that show has a habit of predicting more than a few dystopian events. The full article takes you to more about these four legged robo-fiends, just click through!
This week’s WTF moment gives new meaning to the old adage: “not all superheros wear capes”…or masks, for that matter. Twitchcon, a convention for livestream celebrities and their fans, hosted a much anticipated IRL (in real life) face reveal of Dream.
Coming soon to a movie screen/television/desk near you - it's YOUR KIDS! These days, you don't have to be famous to be an action figure, or to star in a movie. The technology is finally here to make anyone a superstar – so what's going to happen next?
Here we go again – it seems that the latest internet fad is putting more weird stuff in your mouth. This time it’s NyQuil chicken, leading the FDA to get involved. It isn’t the first time some rather dubious foodstuffs have been trending online, and it almost certainly isn’t the last – so why are the youth so interested in these wacky challenges?
Grand Theft Auto is trending, and before you ask, we’re not talking about the video game. Real kids are stealing real cars for (🥁 please) Tik Tok likes. If you can dream it, you can be it, and some Gen Z dreams include hotwiring a very specific make and model of car.