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Do you know what it’s like to be triggered? We’ve all experienced that hot pang of embarrassment, fear, or sadness hit us like a ton of bricks after hearing or seeing something triggering. What if we told you that Gen Z is looking to help people avoid those pesky human emotions by calling for Trigger Warnings, disclaimers before potentially traumatizing content to keep those heartstrings (and minds) nice and safe.
Social media platforms are losing their right to moderate content following a ruling from a Texas court. Similar rules are trickling in from other states - is this the death of the internet, or the birth of a new online era? Will our kids be negatively affected by less moderation?
Back in the days before iMessage and screenshots, we had the luxury of getting away with a bit more than kids today. After all, a white lie here…a small fib there – who’s gonna know? Well Gen Z, arguably the most accountable generation, isn’t going for that. You best believe that your words (or texts) and actions need to line up. This week’s lingo is all about “Receipts (🧾)”
Let’s face it: anxiety is real, can be debilitating, and on top of that, it’s an incredibly nuanced concept…for everyone. Admittedly, the stressors and pressures the various generations face could not be more different, but one thing remains; mental health is a topic that everyone can benefit from discussing. Anxiety is much more common than we may think, and generational perspectives on mental health have widely shifted to fit the times.
It may feel like there’s an excess of communication channels these days (don’t worry, we think so too). Even with all the apps, messaging options, and social media sites, some of us still can’t agree on the age-old “calling versus texting” debate. Regardless of the dinner table arguments this concept may catalyze, it’s thrilling to live in a world that is so connected, even if it isn’t always as simple as face-to-face communication or a good old fashioned hand-written letter. In this article, we’ll cover how exactly the texting versus phone calls debate evolved with the technology surrounding it, the generational gap, and tips to communicate with each of the generations without getting blocked or becoming a victim of cancel culture.

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