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Kim K is the latest in the celebrity world to land in hot water following a foray into cryptocurrency. She's been slapped with a hefty fine from the SEC, and it’s cost her some street cred. Are we witnessing a heightened awareness from younger generations where their celebrity idols are concerned?
The video game industry is out of the golden age and into some murkier waters. From issues like gambling addiction to literal radicalization, the once-innocent gaming community has some trying times ahead. How will young people cope with the temptation and pitfalls that simply didn’t exist a generation ago?
In a world obsessed with identity, which generation you’re part of means way more than it used to. Gone are the days when “generation” meant which decade you were born in–now, the generations serve as labels that indicate how hard you work, how much you care about the planet, or how good you are with technology. Despite the blanket statements, each generation is shaped by the world they were born into and have a reason for being the way they are. Think about the major events that happened in your lifetime that caused you to sit up and take notice of the world around you. Every generation has those moments, and understanding them can help bridge the gap between us all. To help you in that journey, we’ve listed the top characteristics for each generation below — and what you should know about them.

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