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Times are changing, both online and off. Nowhere is this more true than in the semi-illicit and ever-changing world of: Drugs. More than half of US states have decriminalized marijuana. A handful of states have passed (or are in the process of passing) legislation to allow ownership and use of magic mushrooms, ibogaine, and other notable psychedelic plants. Some healthcare providers are advocating for MDMA (otherwise known as ecstasy) and ketamine (an animal tranquilizer) in the treatment of post traumatic stress patients. It’s not clear just what percentage of Gen Z and Millennial partakes in recreational drug use. Statistics vary, and can be unreliable. And there are plenty of examples of formerly taboo drugs being used in a therapeutic context, which might expand as time goes by. With the ongoing swing of the pendulum, we are undoubtedly witnessing a monumental shift in attitudes, safety, and legality. …and some of the ways may surprise you.
Here we go again – it seems that the latest internet fad is putting more weird stuff in your mouth. This time it’s NyQuil chicken, leading the FDA to get involved. It isn’t the first time some rather dubious foodstuffs have been trending online, and it almost certainly isn’t the last – so why are the youth so interested in these wacky challenges?
Let’s face it: anxiety is real, can be debilitating, and on top of that, it’s an incredibly nuanced concept…for everyone. Admittedly, the stressors and pressures the various generations face could not be more different, but one thing remains; mental health is a topic that everyone can benefit from discussing. Anxiety is much more common than we may think, and generational perspectives on mental health have widely shifted to fit the times.
Mental health between generations is a tricky topic. It seems like every time you turn on the news or get on the internet, there is a new mental health problem out in the world. From depression to anxiety and back again, our society LOVES to talk about how to improve mental health. It seems crazy when “mental health” wasn’t even a household term fifteen years ago.  Despite dramatic headlines, mental health is truly just “a person’s condition concerning their psychological and emotional well-being.” That’s it! There is so much sensationalism surrounding mental health that we often forget it is just taking care of our minds the way we take care of our bodies. Simple, right?

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