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Let’s face it: anxiety is real, can be debilitating, and on top of that, it’s an incredibly nuanced concept…for everyone. Admittedly, the stressors and pressures the various generations face could not be more different, but one thing remains; mental health is a topic that everyone can benefit from discussing. Anxiety is much more common than we may think, and generational perspectives on mental health have widely shifted to fit the times.
It may feel like there’s an excess of communication channels these days (don’t worry, we think so too). Even with all the apps, messaging options, and social media sites, some of us still can’t agree on the age-old “calling versus texting” debate. Regardless of the dinner table arguments this concept may catalyze, it’s thrilling to live in a world that is so connected, even if it isn’t always as simple as face-to-face communication or a good old fashioned hand-written letter. In this article, we’ll cover how exactly the texting versus phone calls debate evolved with the technology surrounding it, the generational gap, and tips to communicate with each of the generations without getting blocked or becoming a victim of cancel culture.
Mental health between generations is a tricky topic. It seems like every time you turn on the news or get on the internet, there is a new mental health problem out in the world. From depression to anxiety and back again, our society LOVES to talk about how to improve mental health. It seems crazy when “mental health” wasn’t even a household term fifteen years ago.  Despite dramatic headlines, mental health is truly just “a person’s condition concerning their psychological and emotional well-being.” That’s it! There is so much sensationalism surrounding mental health that we often forget it is just taking care of our minds the way we take care of our bodies. Simple, right?
In a world obsessed with identity, which generation you’re part of means way more than it used to. Gone are the days when “generation” meant which decade you were born in–now, the generations serve as labels that indicate how hard you work, how much you care about the planet, or how good you are with technology. Despite the blanket statements, each generation is shaped by the world they were born into and have a reason for being the way they are. Think about the major events that happened in your lifetime that caused you to sit up and take notice of the world around you. Every generation has those moments, and understanding them can help bridge the gap between us all. To help you in that journey, we’ve listed the top characteristics for each generation below — and what you should know about them.

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