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Do you know what it’s like to be triggered? We’ve all experienced that hot pang of embarrassment, fear, or sadness hit us like a ton of bricks after hearing or seeing something triggering. What if we told you that Gen Z is looking to help people avoid those pesky human emotions by calling for Trigger Warnings, disclaimers before potentially traumatizing content to keep those heartstrings (and minds) nice and safe.
Rarely do we stop and actually say “what the”, but during this week’s meeting the staff had an extended conversation with many iterations of WTF being expressed. And how could we not when weaponized robotic dogs are being deployed ever so casually, via drone, in China. It’s a WTF moment if there ever was one. What’s even crazier is that Netflix has a show that predicted this mechanical monster’s creation (with surprising accuracy) all the way back in 2017…if you want us to get really weird, we can do a deep dive on how that show has a habit of predicting more than a few dystopian events. The full article takes you to more about these four legged robo-fiends, just click through!
This week’s WTF moment gives new meaning to the old adage: “not all superheros wear capes”…or masks, for that matter. Twitchcon, a convention for livestream celebrities and their fans, hosted a much anticipated IRL (in real life) face reveal of Dream.
We’re all familiar with cancel culture, the Gen Z initiative that holds people accountable for bad behavior (for the most part), but what about the mechanics of it? How does it work? One word: “Deplatforming” 🚫
We think you’re ready for more nuanced Gen Z syntax, like the feeling you get when someone does something only you have an issue with. The 🤢 feeling that lies somewhere between cringe and pet-peeve. This week’s lingo is all about “The Ick (🤮)”
Coming soon to a movie screen/television/desk near you - it's YOUR KIDS! These days, you don't have to be famous to be an action figure, or to star in a movie. The technology is finally here to make anyone a superstar – so what's going to happen next?
Here we go again – it seems that the latest internet fad is putting more weird stuff in your mouth. This time it’s NyQuil chicken, leading the FDA to get involved. It isn’t the first time some rather dubious foodstuffs have been trending online, and it almost certainly isn’t the last – so why are the youth so interested in these wacky challenges?
Back in the days before iMessage and screenshots, we had the luxury of getting away with a bit more than kids today. After all, a white lie here…a small fib there – who’s gonna know? Well Gen Z, arguably the most accountable generation, isn’t going for that. You best believe that your words (or texts) and actions need to line up. This week’s lingo is all about “Receipts (🧾)”
The video game industry is out of the golden age and into some murkier waters. From issues like gambling addiction to literal radicalization, the once-innocent gaming community has some trying times ahead. How will young people cope with the temptation and pitfalls that simply didn’t exist a generation ago?

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