Tag: Social Justice

Kim K is the latest in the celebrity world to land in hot water following a foray into cryptocurrency. She's been slapped with a hefty fine from the SEC, and it’s cost her some street cred. Are we witnessing a heightened awareness from younger generations where their celebrity idols are concerned?
We’re all familiar with cancel culture, the Gen Z initiative that holds people accountable for bad behavior (for the most part), but what about the mechanics of it? How does it work? One word: “Deplatforming” 🚫
Ye, née Kanye West, has the entire internet abuzz (not for the first time). This month the musician has been particularly embroiled in conversations about censorship and mental health. And Gen Z is holding their role models accountable for their actions.
Back in the days before iMessage and screenshots, we had the luxury of getting away with a bit more than kids today. After all, a white lie here…a small fib there – who’s gonna know? Well Gen Z, arguably the most accountable generation, isn’t going for that. You best believe that your words (or texts) and actions need to line up. This week’s lingo is all about “Receipts (🧾)”

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